Recur - Subscription Tracker

Recur is a private, powerful and beautiful subscription tracker for the iPhone and iPad. It comes packed with features, iOS-specific styling to make Recur fit right into your home-screen making subscription tracking simple and fast.

Recur features-

  • Beautiful Recur uses iOS and iPadOS’ native design guidelines with powerful charting libraries that give a great look to the entire app. It adapts to system themes seamlessly and takes advantage of the power of the retina displays.

  • Widgets Recur comes with a beautiful widget that lets you track your subscription right from your home screen. The widget shows the amount, date to the next billing cycle among other useful information such as billing cycle.

  • iCloud Sync All of your subscriptions sync across all of your devices without you having to set anything up as long as your devices are signed in using the same Apple ID. It just works and it works like magic.

  • Private Recur doesn’t require you to enter any banking information, credit card information to set up subscriptions meaning there’s no private information that can be shared with anyone. Bonus- The app contains no 3rd party trackers so you can always have the peace of mind to know that the information you enter into Recur will always stay just yours.

  • Seamless currency conversion Recur lets you set a default currency and add individual subscriptions with a different currency. Conversion to the base currency happens automatically so that you can bring all of your domestic and international subscriptions all in one place.

  • Customization Recur contains powerful customization options. From being able to customize how the spending chart looks to be able to set an alternate app icon, Recur has it all.


IGStoryKit is an Open Source Swift Package that lets you easily share content stickers with different background types to Instagram stories from your iOS and iPadOS apps.

Sticker Cards

Sticker Cards is a brand new app for your iPhone that lets you create gorgeous content cards from Tweets and Notes. Now your Instagram posts and stories will look fire, your memes will be twice as more powerful with these meticulously crafted content cards.

Sticker Cards is available on the Apple App Store for $1.99. Learn more.

Key Features

  • Create Content Cards- Make Cards from Tweets and Notes.
  • Customize- Choose from a solid color, gradient or an Image as the background.
  • Document Scanner- Scan motivational or important quotes from books or documents and generate cards within seconds.
  • Share to Instagram Stories- Direct Option to share to Instagram stories from the app with full native component support.
  • Save- Save your favorite Tweets and Notes for quick access later.
  • Sync- Save on one device and access on any of your other devices. It works like magic.

Neon: Capture, Edit and Share

Neon is a real-time color and gradient picker for your iPhone and iPad. Neon is super powerful, simple to use and yet packed with features.

Neon is also a place to share and discover new colors and gradients from users around the world. Like, Follow, comment or add to your library any shade that you like. Simply Sign in with Apple to get started.

Here’s a few features that Neon has

  • Generate Gradients and Colors from colors around you using either the back or the front camera.
  • Generate shades from images already stored in your device.
  • Full Color and Gradient Details including RGB, HEX, CYMK values, Related colors and more.
  • CoreData + CloudKit Support to sync captures across all devices.
  • Ability to follow users, comment on and like posts by users across the world.
  • Sleek user interface.
  • Context Menu for quick actions throughout the app
  • Native support for Dark and Light Mode

Neon app screenshot Neon app screenshot Neon app screenshot Neon app screenshot Neon app screenshot Neon app screenshot Neon app screenshot Neon app screenshot

AeroNautical: An AvGeek’s Favorite App

Aeronautical is a one-stop-shop for all your av-geek needs. AeroNautical is your one-stop-shop for everything you need as a sim or a real-life pilot. METARs, NOTAMs, Airport Runway information AeroNautical has it all. Learn from a dictionary of over 500 aviation acronyms or type in an airport’s IATA or ICAO code to get live information about it. AeroNautical lets you save NOTAMs to view it later when you’re either offline or your connection is choppy. 

Now with native iPad support view everything bigger with a gorgeous new home page made specifically for the beautiful retina screens of the iPads.

With this new version all the NOTAMs that you save will be available to you across all your devices (devices using the same Apple ID). No additional setup is required to use this feature. Simply long press on a NOTAM and then tap save. Your newly saved NOTAMs will be available on all of your devices within seconds (This feature, obviously, requires an active internet connection)

AeroNautical 4.0 is built respecting Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for iOS. What all that means for you is that you get an iOS native experience with AeroNautical from the moment you download it. With Context Menus that work on any device and familiar navigation, AeroNautical feels at home on your iPhone or your iPad.

Please note: This app is only a guide and should not be used for real life flight planning purposes. The app will try it’s best to provide you with the most accurate and up-to date information about an aerodrome or an FIR but it’s still your responsibility to check on the NOTAMs and METARs pertaining to your flight plane.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. Happy Flying.

XKCD Unofficial: Watch and Phone

XKCD Unofficial: Wrist & Phone is a super simple Unofficial XKCD comic viewer with a focus on speed and reliability.
View XKCD comics from anywhere including for the first time, from your Apple Watch!

The Apple Watch app is independent which means you can download and use it without the need for your iPhone. Carry XKCD comics with you wherever you go! Please note this is an Unofficial XKCD app and I’ve made this just out of pure love for the comic and have no ties to the makers of the comic although this app has permission to access XKCD content.


Connect to your WiFi by simply scanning an NFC Tag or a QR code. Tap2WiFi enables you to do just that. You can also generate QR codes within the app that will allow you to connect to a wireless network just by scanning them. (Please note that you cannot connect to a hidden WiFi network using the QR code scanning functionality. Also, currently iPhones don’t allow for the writing of NFC Tags but they do scan them very fast.)

Tap2WiFi is your one-stop shop for sharing your WiFi with your friends/guests without having to share your WiFi password. Download this super clean, lightweight and ad-free app now and see the magic!